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CSD Registered Nurse (499)

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TitleCSD Registered Nurse
Posting ID499



Job Title: Registered School Nurse                                            

Bargaining Group:  Non-represented                             

FLSA Status:  Non-Exempt


Terms of Employment: 6.5 Hours per Day, 190 days per Year - Salary $24.19-$28.82 per hour, depending on experience



  1. Current Washington State License (RN or LPN)
  2. Current CPR and First Aid card (required within 6 weeks)
  3. Knowledge of and compliance with HIPPA and FERPA laws
  4. Demonstrated ability to work with children and youth
  5. Effective communication skills
  6. Ability to pass the background check


Follow the assigned school's health services program based on requirements established by school district policies, procedures, and protocols, and by local, state and national regulations and statues.



  • Responsible for developing and implementing individual health care plans for students with life threatening health care needs’ complete and/or delegate health service tasks associate with these plans.
  • Triages, assess and addresses student and/or staff illnesses and injuries, including administrating medications, first aid and CPR, consistent with State laws and regulations and delegate administration of medications to the extent appropriate under State law/regulations; monitor medication administration by other school staff; and administer medications when required by the situation and student health needs.
  • Monitors student health records and data, including immunizations, documentation of medication administrations, confidential documents, health alert files and State reports; manage health screening programs, including vision and hearing, performs nursing assessments as part of the IEP process and participate on MDT/IEP teams.
  • Is a resource person for instructional staff; regarding dental, nutrition, hand washing, infectious disease control, life threatening allergies, HIV/Aids, human growth and development and other health related topics as needed including (blood borne pathogens, asthma, anaphylaxis and other health concerns as required).
  • Must rigorously comply with State regulations and guidelines to help assure appropriate health services for students and to guard against infectious diseases and other health risks.


Ability to use clinic/medical equipment; possess basic pharmacological knowledge; ability to assess emergency situations and act accordingly; comfortable knowledge of universal procedures and ability to teach this to others; good oral and written communication skills; basic computer skills; willing attitude to be a part of the school team; strong sense of professionalism; other skills and requirements expected by the nursing coordinator and the school administrators include management and organizational ability, common sense, motivation, positive attitude; and the ability/willingness to participate in ongoing professional and staff development, both independently and through system-offered opportunities.


Requires standing, sitting, repetitious hand and body movements, simple grasping, pushing pulling, fine motor and gross motor skills, bending, lifting, squatting, kneeling, climbing, and reaching. Ability to lift students as required and has the stamina to stand all day, every day of the week as needed.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential tasks.



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Shift TypePart-Time
Salary Range$24.19 - $28.82 / Per Hour
LocationDistrict Wide

Applications Accepted

Start Date02/26/2018
End Date03/18/2018